Reduce Employee Turnover With The Use Of Videos

Employee turnover continues to be a major concern for businesses in all sectors. No matter what’s going on in the world or society at large, the ability to find and retain top-quality employees can be a key element to your success. And videos can help you to keep your ideal workforce
engaged and focused.

Why Try to Reduce Turnover?

Great employees are worth keeping, not just for the added value they bring to your business, but also because of your own investments. When an employee decides to leave, it can have a major impact on your company’s finances. You’ll need to hire a replacement and you’re looking at hours of training and the long interim of time it takes for a new employee to properly step into their predecessor’s shoes. It’s clear then why employee turnover can easily be one of the greatest costs your business could face.

Don’t get us wrong, there will inevitably be some turnover––that’s just life in the business world. People move and life circumstances change. But what can you do to make sure that folks who’d rather stay aren’t tempted to leave? There are lots of ideas out there, but what we’ll focus on is how using videos can have a direct impact on decreased turnover. A lot of this discussion comes down to connection.

The Problem of Employee Turnover

Skilled employees with an ambitious, go-getter attitude can be hard to come by. They are prized assets to your company as a whole but also to their individual departments and teams––their enthusiasm and talent can be a driving force for overall success. When these folks leave, they take their deep experience and knowledge with them. That can leave a void that’s hard to fill. Besides all the work involved with hiring and training, their departure can lead to a slump in morale. 

Remaining employees might begin to feel that your company just doesn’t hold out the opportunities they’re looking for either. There could be a disconnect between management and the general staff, and workers could begin to think that if they truly want to advance, they’ll need to leave too. 

A few more common reasons why good employees go could be that their qualifications or philosophy don’t end up meshing well with their position or your company ethos. Maybe an employee isn’t looking to move up, but they would like a voice in company decision making and would like ways to further develop their skills. Or it could be that a worker finds it unbearable to deal with oppressive management or impossible to keep working for your company if it’s been exposed to scandal or a reputation reversal. 

Whatever the case, in the end, the throughline in all these reasons is a lack of connection. Instead of sinking capital into neverending cycles of hiring and training, work with your human resource managers to gain insights into what employees need, then convert that data into high-quality videos.

Reduce Employee Turnover Using Video

From an employee’s very first interaction with your company, video can help to make them feel welcomed, at ease, and part of something worthwhile. It’s also their first opportunity to get a clear impression of your company culture and determine whether the position is a good fit. Onboarding is a key area in which video can make a huge difference to employee turnover. And we aren’t talking about your run-of-the-mill powerpoint presentation. Instead, aim for personal connection that grows from an authentic and relatable representation of your company. 

As younger potential employees earn qualifications and apply for work, they’re going to be looking for the things they’ve grown up with: insightful technology that meets their needs and adapts when necessary. That’s not always easy to dream up or put in place. That’s when custom digital media comes into play.

Once you’ve evaluated current technology to see if what you’re using is up-to-date and intuitive, then it’s time to take a closer look at video. Remove as much dry paperwork and awkward icebreakers as possible, and instead opt for well-produced videos crafted by a professional video production company. New employees can get an immediate feel for your company, and can meet and connect with key decision makers. That’s their first step to feeling part of a whole, part of something important. Using video instead of or accompanying a one-dimensional written newsletter for company updates is another way to reach out and form interpersonal connections, relating to employees on an authentically human level. Communication is improved, and the nuances that are often missed in writing are retained in video.

As a result, employees feel a sense of ownership and camaraderie and can see their hard work paying off, contributing to company success. Your messages take on less of an “us and them” vibe and instead appeal to everyone. Employees who genuinely feel that their work has a purpose and that they’re part of a team are more likely to be engaged while at work and far less likely to want to find greener pastures. Getting to see and know management keeps staff feeling like they’re part of the group, not an outlier who wouldn’t have any qualms about leaving. Remember that the need for open communication is true at every level in your organization, and managers across every spectrum can and should be using video to their advantage.

In the end, your goal when using video should be to build a culture of transparency and equality. Using video can help to accurately convey the emotion and sincerity of a message, sentiments that aren’t ever wasted on a solid employee.

Use Videos for Ongoing Training

Even an employee who is happy in their position could feel that they’d like to be more efficient, have a deeper knowledge base, or be more versatile in their work. Don’t ignore this often unspoken request. Instead, work with a video creative agency to craft training videos that build on employees’ skills and offer them opportunities for further development. 

Why are videos so valuable in this area? Because not everyone learns at the same pace. Some prefer repetition, and others need to see––not just hear––important training lessons. Connecting visual imagery with spoken words goes far to build a meaningful connection and aid in memory retention. Information is often more readily absorbed and more easily becomes part of a worker’s skill set. The investment brings a great return, with both a more valuable, but also more satisfied and fulfilled worker. When using videos to retain employees, everyone wins.

What’s more, if you’d like to be sure that all employees understand and can speak authoritatively on your company’s products or services, video is the best way to get that information across. With well-produced videos you can easily show your entire staff how a product works, what it looks like in action, and other vital product specs. You can also share customer experiences, using the power of video to connect with your staff on an emotional level. As a result they’ll often better understand the true value of what you offer and become an even stronger advocate for your brand. Not to mention, lots of the information you include in those videos can pull double-duty as a great way to market your offerings to potential customers.

Ultimo Media is Your Cleveland Video Marketing Agency

High turnover is too costly a thing to ignore. Address employee dissatisfaction and disconnect before it begins––get with Ultimo Media to build a video arsenal that hits home with employees and keeps them motivated and engaged. From onboarding to training, development, and internal communications, we can work with you to craft and convey the right message to make an impact with your valued employees. Reach out to learn more about our skills and specialties!