Encourage Employee Engagement Through Video

Everyone knows that word-of-mouth marketing is gold –– always has been, always will be. We also know that showing is always better than telling. Well today we’ll see how these two fundamental principles come together in using videos to engage with employees, arguably one of the most underappreciated resources for any company out there.

Why Engage Employees?

Every company that has top-notch, reliable employees knows full well that without these stalwart folks, their business would be in trouble. On the flip side, by empowering them and helping them to feel like a solid part of your team, they can do wonders to help your business succeed.

Why Videos Work

Communication needs to be personal, but also personable. After watching a video that the c-suite sends out, employees should feel like they’re a necessary part of a cohesive whole –– this is not the place for talking down, negativity, or jargon and business speak. Instead, use videos for these key messages and methods:

  • On-task Distraction: Workplaces are full of distractions that make it hard to be productive, but at the same time, we all need to step away from our work now and then, refocus, and come back strong. Company-provided videos – hosted on your intranet, website, or other business portals – can be that game-changing way for employees to refocus, while still enabling them to stay on message.
  • Wide Reach: Regardless of company size, it can be hard to find the time to talk honestly and unhurriedly with each and every employee. That’s especially true if you’re the one tasked with running things. But a well-planned and -produced video can do that one-on-one speaking for you. With the right tone and message you can potentially make a positive impact on every team member.
  • Naturally Engaging: Holiday emails or quarterly newsletters hold valuable information, but the delivery lacks some luster. A polished video allows visual cues conveying sincerity, appreciation, and excitement to shine through, connecting with viewers on a fundamental level that a text email typically can’t do. 
  • Human Element: We are all hard-wired to respond to others’ expressions, tone, and body language, things that will never leap off a page of text. Video will always top text when it comes to relatability, empathy, and humor. Your gestures, postures, expressions, and tone can go far to build a real and lasting connection with your audience.
  • Targeted Leadership: If one team does particularly well, a customized, from-the-heart video can invigorate them to even higher heights. And if another team missed their goal, a short motivating message can imbue a new sense of purpose and let them know they still matter.
  • Trackable Results: Emails can let you know that someone opened them, but that’s more than likely all you’ll learn. But videos that are well-produced and properly analyzed can clue you in to advanced data, like total views, drop-off points, skips and rewinds, average watch time, and which videos rank highest. There is so much to learn from information like that, and it can all be funneled right back into producing more high quality videos.
  • Growth and Training: When employees know that advancement is possible, they could be more likely to stick around. Videos are a prime way to illustrate opportunities and career paths by interviewing folks who offer a living example. Use video-based training to keep standards high and convey a chosen message to everyone, easily. Tap into company experts to lead their colleagues with experience-based tips and essential information. Build a video library and make them available for employees to learn more, any time.

Besides connecting with employees, really great videos often get shared. What better way to build your business than through a word-of-mouth endorsement from a happy, engaged, and appreciated employee? Folks are daily more concerned with employee welfare at the companies they rely on, and many consumers are ready to vote with their wallets. Readily available testimonials showing that your company is a top-notch place to work can go far to build your brand and boost your sales.

Start Using Videos to Boost Employee Engagement

Videos are endlessly versatile. From a snappy welcome message for new recruits, to a “fireside chat”-style discussion, there’s really no end to the type of video that can be produced. Share life or business lessons learned, how-tos and tutorials, or hilarious anecdotes. Fill teams in on company changes on a more human level. Basically, find ways to relate to and build rapport with employees while providing vital information in an engaging format. 

Does that sound like a daunting task? Never fear, Ultimo Media can help. As an experienced video production company, we know what it means to be a custom digital media provider –– it’s what we do. So if you’re ready to start using the power of video for the betterment of your team, it’s time to partner with an exceptional video creative agency. We have all the tools and know-how, now we just need to hear your story. Get in touch to learn more about our video production offerings and to flesh out details for your next dream project.

Disengaged employees might do their job, but unless they feel appreciated and seen, they may not go much further. That auto-pilot outlook naturally stifles creativity, innovation, and collaboration; all key ingredients for any business to do well. So how can you make sure that employees help you to stand tall, not fall to competitors?

Besides treating folks fairly and offering quality compensation, you need to tap into that slice of employees out there who place high value on finding fulfillment, meaning, and even joy from their job. You can’t always change the roles in your company but you can most definitely change the day-to-day interactions and the overall company culture. That shift can be really meaningful and motivating. But to get there, communication is more important than ever.