Video Marketing

Get people involved with clicks, likes, and shares.

Position your video marketing content in the right place, with the right people.

Take on unpredictability in media and marketing

Advertising success has never been more challenging than it is right now. The marketing scene changes every day, and the number of media influences that move brands and markets is always on the rise. On top of that challenge piles yet another: brands looking to get recognition are dealing with deeply segmented media outlets. And these days there seems to be no end to niche categories and niche audiences. Besides countless behind-the-scenes struggles, companies are also trying to meet customers’ demands that stem from 24/7 platforms that thrive on brand-consumer interaction.

That’s a lot of maneuvering and realigning that every brand has to do. And this is just to take the first step, just to be noticed. All too often marketing directors are working with shrinking budgets as they stare down their increasing responsibility. Sounds like a pretty sad story, right? Enter Ultimo Media.

As a professional video production agency our team can tackle the ever-changing media landscape, creating and positioning your company’s story in front of the right audience, at the right time. We’ll take the weight off your shoulders while always being mindful of your resources. Get in touch today––we can’t wait to help you grow!


Media Planning

Putting our experience, research technology, and predictive analytics tools to work for your business.

Media Buying

Identifying, negotiating, and purchasing ad space within new and traditional media spheres that are relevant to your business.

Idea Building

Using any and all creative means to generate and communicate results-driven ideas, solutions, and innovations.

Creative Production

Orchestrating creativity and operations, crafting digital assets that portray your brand and resonate with your audience.


Gathering data and communicating which marketing strategies are working, along with needed shifts and new opportunities.

Digital Marketing

Using data-driven insights to strategically approach targeted digital video while building your company’s social media presence.

Social Media

Directly targeting video content to consistently reach your audience on Facebook, boosting exposure and sales.

Programmatic Advertising

Automating online advertising to streamline the process and gain access to more relevant ads across a greater spectrum of outlets.


Integrating and analyzing vast amounts of collected data to directly impact your company’s video production and advertising efforts.

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