Advertising That Engages Your Audience

Get people involved with clicks, likes, and shares.

Why choose Ultimo?

Placement and targeting are key. We engage your audience on the ideal social media platforms using precise search terms.

The best marketing campaigns are diverse. We use multiple distribution channels – paid, owned, and earned – to ensure exposure.

Measuring video marketing results helps to align strategy and goals. Using accurate data we can hit your targets and aim even higher.

Video ads bring life to your brand.

A great video demands the perfect audience.

Pinpoint preferred channels and engage viewers with relevant, targeted ads. Quality video grabs audience attention and prompts action - click-through rates climb and costs are balanced by views.

Our Process
Strategize – planning, placements, keywords
Build – design, layout, production
Optimize – testing, analysis, implementation

Enhanced marketing is always the goal.
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Position your video marketing content in the right place, with the right people.

Video Ads + Apps
Distribution on social and gaming apps is optimal for video ads. Mobile use means viewers are available, engaged, and likely to share content. Reach is extensive and social media ensures precise targeting.

Higher click-through rates + lower average costs.
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