Why You Should Use Videos For Marketing

Don’t Let Common Challenges Stand in the Way

Have you ever wondered why video is a powerful marketing tool? At Ultimo Media we’ve encountered plenty of reasons why companies might initially miss the value of custom digital media and say “no” to using videos in marketing. But we’ve also found that many of these reasons are rooted in myth or misunderstanding. But we’re here to help dispel these misnomers. Here’s why using videos in your marketing approach is such a vital move.

Inform and Educate

How does video marketing help? While we still love blogs as a reliable source of information, it can’t be denied that folks engage differently with video. The modern customer wants their questions answered in real time and wants to see a product or service in action before committing to a purchase. Increased conversions and sales are hard to argue with.

The real issue could be that your industry hasn’t fully embraced video content just yet. So current videos are probably lackluster and might not be getting many views. This isn’t evidence against making videos, it’s actually the opposite! There’s likely an opening for an engaging and informative video that’s well-produced and tells potential customers what they want to know. You could be the one to fill that void. And we’re the video marketing agency to help you do it.

Enhance and Engage

Videos foster emotional connections. Because of this, emails and social media posts including videos will naturally garner higher levels of involvement and viewers are generally more likely to retain the message you share. That little extra bit of time that visitors spend on your site watching even a brief video can add up to show search engines that your site content is worth checking out and that folks trust you –– two factors that can go far to increase search rankings.

Now we’ve heard plenty of businesses say that their customer base doesn’t watch videos. But we have to respectfully disagree. Today there are far more channels than ever that individuals can use to watch video content, and even the most traditional platforms have added video options. In fact a whopping 80% of internet traffic is due to video watching and that number is only set to rise. 

Roadblocks and Challenges

Talent and expense are real concerns when you do want to start thinking about video production. You likely don’t have the resources in house, and to export the project will require some investment. Here at Utlimo Media we can work around your constraints and within your budget to make the best video possible with the resources you’re ready to spend. And once a high-quality video is produced, it can be reinvented for use across numerous platforms and can really repay the investment. 

That said, many owners are uncomfortable with the idea of being on camera. While it really is best to share even a little bit of yourself with potential customers, there are alternate ways to make this situation work. Bringing in knowledgeable employees, choosing a professional voiceover, or opting for animation are just a few common solutions. Here’s where our experience comes into play and we can get inventive to quickly find ways to help. And in the end, if your message is strong, the video will resonate. 

Another common concern is that planning and effort will go into a video that no one will watch. Remember that the vast majority of web traffic is video-related – people are watching! If the format and message are compelling, then it’s really about knowing your audience and finding the platform that works best for them. Using ad services on popular platforms is one guaranteed way to get your product or service in front of lots of potential customers’ eyes, but this certainly isn’t your only option.

If you aren’t the one who pulls the marketing strings in your company, it could be that your manager just doesn’t like using video. There could be any number of reasons behind their opinion, and that could be a hard mind to change. Feel free to reach out to us here at Ultimo Media for some key examples and reasons why videos are so important to your marketing success.

Rely On Your Cleveland Video Production Company

Historical reasons why businesses haven’t used videos don’t stand up to today’s video consumption. But we know that these objections still come up. We’re here to show why budget, exposure, and lack of know-how shouldn’t hold you back from increasing marketing success and customer engagement. Ultimo Media is a video creative agency that was born for this moment, and we’re ready to take on your project. Reach out to learn more about how videos can up your marketing game, and to get started on a free quote!