Make Your Projects Come Alive with Construction Time Lapse Video

Without a doubt, building a new skyscraper, factory, big box store or stadium from the ground up is an amazing task. Sometimes it’s easy to get caught up in the day to day and forget how far you've come, especially when you’ve been working on a project for months, even years. It’s part of the reason why we all love a good construction time lapse video. They let us see the big picture as we sit back and watch the progress unfold from start to finish.

Even as an outsider, watching a time lapse video can really give you an inside scoop on what construction teams can accomplish together. Below are some of our favorite construction time lapse videos. Check these out and see how cool it looks when these massive undertakings are compiled into one short video.

First, here is a 9 month time lapse we did for AM Higley in Cleveland, OH

University construction projects transform campuses. At Washington University in St. Louis, the Danford Campus shows some amazing changes taking place in just over two years.


One Bennett Park in Chicago’s opened recently with a two-acre park and 70-story residential tower. This video was shot with a construction time lapse camera shows the skyscraper being constructed over the course of three years, in less than a minute. 

A lot of us can get really ticked off when construction slows down the morning commute, but it’s necessary. When you see the construction time lapse video of the 18-month UDOT highway project, you’ll truly appreciate an undertaking of this magnitude. This video also incorporates drone footage along side the construction time lapse camera and some cut scenes increasing production value and making the final video more watchable.

The Chase Center, the home to the Golden State Warriors, opened its doors last year. The state of the art arena was a $1.4 billion project that took two years to build in San Francisco. This incredible structure goes up in a matter of minutes while we watch it being built in the construction time lapse video.  

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