How Can Virtual Tours Benefit Your Business?

See it for yourself

Virtual tours have been around for a while and businesses should start to realize the importance of having a virtual tour as part of their business strategy. Thanks to social media and different types of websites, people today have become incredibly visual. Because of this, having visual content that best represents your business is extremely important.

This is where virtual tours can come in. Virtual tours are simulations of existing locations that are usually comprised of a sequence of still images. Virtual tours are created to allow customers and clients to “step inside” your business from the convenience of the world wide web.

According to the Nielsen Norman Group, most internet users stay on a website less than 59 seconds. If you don’t manage to capture your user’s attention in less than a minute, you’ve already lost them. Virtual tours are a great example of attractive content that will make users want to stay on your website longer. It will also give users a much better idea of what you do, and what you are able to offer as a business.

Since the beginning of our recent pandemic, virtual tours have seen a big boom. For example, museums and art galleries have offered virtual tours to people at home during quarantine. What a great way to stay connected!

Here are some ways virtual tours can benefit YOUR businesses:

1.Enhances Your Web Presence
Virtual tours boost your web presence on search with Google Business View. A 360-degree virtual tour is one of the best ways to help your business standout, drive traffic to your website and bring more people in your door. For example, according to the WAV Group, real estate listings with virtual tours get clicked on 40% more than those without virtual tours.

2. Increases Visitor Retention
Statistics show that websites with virtual tours are viewed 5-10 times longer than those without. Keep them engaged for longer!    
3. Shows Extra Confidence In Your Business
A virtual tour shows further confidence in your business as clients and customers can view inside and see how and where you work. It’s basic knowledge that clients and customers naturally feel more comfortable with businesses they can transparently see.    
4. Increases Visitor Traffic and Engagement 
According to a study by BIA/Kelsey, 97% of shoppers go online prior to making a purchase to research products and services. Evidence suggest that more people will be willing to purchase or work with you if they know who you are and what you are about.
5.Generates Faster and More Sales 
If a retail website has 360-degree rotating photos, the conversion rate on products sold on those pages is about 27% higher than for standard two-dimensional images. For example, claims that their photos of products with a special spin feature increased their conversion rates at least 10% and sometimes as much as 30% to 40% higher than products without it.
6.Attracts More Job Applicants
Most job applicants research the hiring company before applying for the job. By having a virtual tour, your company can give an insight to its workspace to potential employees to catch their interest.

You can use virtual tours in almost every business, from car dealerships to furniture shops. 360-degree, virtual tours are a great way for your business to engage customers and give them a better view of your company. If a picture is worth a thousand words, imagine how much a virtual tour is worth!

 Facilities Management
  • This is the most efficient, effective method to survey your existing buildings and report on the building layouts and conditions to manage maintenance and develop remodeling plans. 

Use 3D indoor mapping to train employees

  • Share a 3D walkthrough of your facilities with new or visiting employees so they can quickly understand your space.
  • Allow new employees to learn the logistics of an office or facility quickly and easily.
  • Educate new employees on complex facilities — especially in hard to reach or potentially dangerous areas.

Optimize your emergency planning & response

  • Increase situational awareness for employees and first responders in case of an emergency.
  • Create complete schematic floor plans, plan emergency routes, and response strategies.
  • Train employees and provide superior visibility to first responders in the case of emergency.

3D For travel and hospitality

  • From vacation rentals, to hotels and event spaces, you can elevate the promotion of your business with 3D tours that increase bookings, drive higher occupancy rates, and increase engagement rates. 
 Ready to make yours?

3D walkthroughs provide immersive access, accurate and easy-to-use documentation, and help save the most precious commodity — your time. Oh yeah, and they look REALLY cool.  

We offer professional, quick, and quality 3D scanning services of almost any type of property. Whether it’s a home, commercial manufacturing facility, event space, or construction site, capturing your property in 3D helps your audience feel like they’re really there. Pricing and job turnaround varies based on location, offerings, and property size.

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