How to Use Storytelling to Help Clients Connect With Your Brand

Hiker watching sunset in mountainsStorytelling is a great way for your company to set itself apart from the competition. One of the most powerful qualities a brand has is it’s story. Your story can tap into a customer or client’s unconscious mind to gain interest into your brand. Linking a narrative or story into your own business will boost both success and brand importance.

 Stories have been and will always be popular
Storytelling has been a main form of entertainment for humans ever since the Stone Age. Now a days there are numerous ways of storytelling such as through television, movies, books, art and even news segments. So it is no surprise that customers too would enjoy hearing a story… your story.

In the decision to hire a company for services or to buy products, people tend not to use only logic, but also their beliefs. The story you link with your business can get into a potential customer’s subconscious where they forge their beliefs, and eventually their decisions.

Create a brand story to inspire people and they will find your business attractive and interesting. This will help them in their decision to use your services or buy your products.

Here are some ways to help find your company’s narrative:

1. Specific stories
People enjoy specific stories. Be specific with yours. For example, subconsciously, people love plots about overcoming the odds. They like narratives that show difficulties or struggles that turn into success. Tales about small, humble beginnings with successful outcomes stimulate feel-good sensations in humans. And as a result, will fuel people to want to know more about you.

2. Authenticity matters
The story you tell must be authentic. If not, customers will not trust you enough to work with you or buy your products. Use facts rather than imagination and take care and time to craft a story based on truth.

There is always a way to develop your story
Your business already has a story behind it. Think about when your business was just an idea in your head or a plan on paper. Think about what made you want to do it and what inspired and motivated its creation. What were your hopes for the business? Where there any setbacks? How did you overcome those setbacks and challenges? There is a story there.

Have courage
Most business owners just want to focus on the success of their business, not so much the challenges they faced while creating it. They don’t want to show that kind of vulnerability or struggle to potential customers. Stand out for this crowd and share your experiences with customers. Let people know how much your brand means to you and even with setbacks, you overcame it and made it work. Potential clients and customers are likely to want to support you if they can relate to you. They will appreciate the energy and work you put in to overcome those obstacles to provide an excellent service or product. Weave these humble beginnings into your business’ story and people will want to engage in the journey with you.

Expose and share the true tale of your business with your customers and future customers. You can put it on your website through content, blogs or video and in promotional marketing where you tell people what your company is all about. Storytelling will not only allow for customers to relate to your business better, but it will also boost your confidence and prove useful when you want to inspire employees or gain potential employees. Through this process of storytelling, you will also recognize your brand’s achievements and value your business more because your story will not only inspire customers, but also you.

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